Exchange of building techniques

All ship building projects guide their trainees to efficiently find their way into the labor market. One of the key objectives of all partners in the project is to develop and deploy a broad range of competencies and skills for all trainees. That is only possible if the projects also give the good example. From the very beginning of the Heroes2c project the partners agreed on to exchange of building techniques and knowledge.They use as much as possible the skills and specialties of the other project partners for the construction of ship parts that need specific techniques.

French project team helps British colleagues with their bow rudder

Two carpenters of Le Jean Bart from Gravelines crossed the Channel to support their British colleagues in the construction of the bow rudder for the Medway Queen. The bow rudder is an essential part of the steering mechanism of the ship. It helps to navigate the ship smoothly along quays and docks. The bow rudder of the Medway Queen is carved from pure wood. The knowledge of the French project, that is used to work with large wooden constructions, came in handy to the British trainees to come to a succesful conclusion of the reconstruction of their bow rudder.

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