The people in the project

Heroes2c uses the restoration and reconstruction of historic ships as a leg up to inclusion of targetgroups on the labour market. Through the exchange of all people involved in the construction of this maritime heritage, we want to facilitate, as optimally as possible, the integration of the trainees into the labor market. The exchange of people is realised at different levels:

Instructors and trainers

For instructors and trainers we create an exchange with different objectives:

  • Exchange of different construction techniques that mean a learning experience for these professional employees and can inspire them to fit these techniques, or parts thereof, into their own specific construction project.
  • Exchange of methodology for teachers to motivate. trainees from target groups on the labour market. So we intend to develop taylor made guidance for each trainee and provide them with handles that help them to conquer successfully a place in the labor market after their training.

New skills for the French project team

The project team of the Jean Bart is used to large scaled carpentery. They often work with traditional techniques and materials. But they are also open to new methods in the construction of ships. A three-day visit to the yard of the New Belgica offered them the opportunity to get acquainted with the new technology. The ribs of the New Belgica are made of laminated wood strips, which are closely monitored at a controlled temperature. With modern techniques To help in the construction of huge wooden pieces, with modern techniques, was a new and refreshing experience for the French team.


For a successful integration into the labor market trainees should not only gain their technical knowledge, they must also have a wider range of skills allowing them to integrate.promptly in a company or a working environment. Learning different construction techniques ensures a broader technical knowledge. By giving students the opportunity effectively to participate in the other training yards, they develop many skills that pave their path to the labor market. They are introduced to a new life and work culture, learn to deal with less familiar situations and teams and they develop a minimum of language skills.

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