De Steenschuit

De Steenschuit links long-term unemployed to the maritime heritage, ship repair and the construction techniques of vessels. De Steenschuit and the VDAB developed together a training project where low skilled job seekers learn the specific construction techniques as well as work attitudes. People who follow these trainings in construction and renovation of vessels are often more motivated to look for more sustainable employment.

The Steenschuit was recognized by the VDAB as a training centre for classical ship construction. The efforts of the Steenschuit focus on the target groups of job seekers that have a greater distance from the labour market. Our expert instructors teach the trainees skills in wood, metal and painting. Thanks to their improved skills these job seekers are helped to find their way to a job in the regular labour market.

The Steenschuit also operates within a European partnership. The Heroes2c project enables us to exchange knowledge and skills about ship construction techniques. Through this unique partnership, people are offered new career chances. In the same time maritime heritage and traditional ship building techniques are kept alive.

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