Association Tourville

The Tourville Association was founded in 1992. Its objective is to build a first rank liner of the 17th century, armed with 84 guns and a length of 57 m. The ship will be christened ‘The Jean Bart, in honor of Jean Bart, pirate and a great naval officer of the Sun King. Once built, the ship will be docked in order to be exploited as a new attraction in the historic park and recreation of Gravelines (FR).

Since 2006, the Tourville Association started an integration project with the provision of trainees by the Association AGIR (Mission Locale) of Gravelines. The recruitment is done in stages, as the recruitment can only be done in case there is enough work on the shipyard. In 2010, the Tourville Association hosted, 8 to 10 people on the Tourville site, for a period of 1 or 2 years. The integration project has the goal of socialization through work, group work, the notions of rules and hierarchy...

The Tourville Association is a partner in the European project Heroes2c. This partnership allows to significantly increase the associations’ communication and reputation through peoples’ exchange (supervisors, trainees, volunteers ...) to be carried out in co-operation with the British and Belgian partners.

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