De Steenschuit in Flanders, Medway Queen Preservation Society (MQPS) in the UK and Association Tourville in France are three independent organisations, specialised in the reconstruction of vessels that belong to the maritime heritage of the countries and regions. Together with the Flemish VDAB they participate in the Heroes2c-project, part of the Interreg IV a 2 Seas program. This partnership focuses on the reconstruction of historic vessels to increase the social inclusion of jobseekers and apprentices. In the same time the partners make efforts to raise the awareness on maritime heritage on a larger scale.

For the next 3 years the Heroes2c partnership – with MQPS as lead partner and general promoter – has different main objectives to work on:

  • Realise social inclusion of disadvantaged groups on the labour market by means of specific training skills
  • Raise awareness to a large public on the reconstruction of the ships and replicas and their added value to the countries’ maritime heritage.
  • Create access to cultural heritage and develop visitors’ centres that are museum and shipyard at the same time.
  • Contribute to the awareness of the promotion that is made by the European Commission to realise international partnerships that are financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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